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CFP: Languages, languaging and biosemiotics (ed. Stephen J. Cowley)


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Vol. 15, N. 2/2021: “Languages, languaging and biosemiotics”

Edited by Stephen J. Cowley, University of Southern Denmark


Deadline abstract: 31.05.2020

Deadline full paper: 31.01.2021


This special issue of RIFL links biosemiotics to languaging or activity in which wordings play a part. In Peircean terms, languaging is, at once, iconic, indexical and –in overlapping senses –symbolic. The unlikely hypothesis of a brain-based language ‘faculty’ is challenged by a model that invokes life-mind-languaging continuity. Languaging evolves as whole-body activity links affect, repeatable phonetic gestures, mimesis and norm-based ways of concerting action. In the special issue the heterogeneity of vocally managed action is traced to how humans mesh embodiment, writing and, today, the use of digital systems. By hypothesis, languaging evolved.

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CFP: Music and Language Revisited (eds. Chris Stover & Stefano Oliva)


Extended Deadline: 05.04.2020

The relationship between music and language has been complicated since the advent of post-Enlightenment musical aesthetics. On one hand, as Eduard Hanslick insists in Vom Musikalisch-Schönen (1854), music’s content consists solely of sound forms in motion; on the other hand, music does seem to have some sort of para-discursive semantic quality: “it is a language we speak and understand, but which we are unable to translate”.

Suspended between the project of a musical semantics and the myth of music’s ineffability, the philosophy of music has never broken its problematic link with the philosophy of language. Recently, analytic philosophy and neuroscience have addressed the question of the emotional content conveyed by music, taking advantage of new conceptual tools and empirical data previously unavailable; in this way, however, they have had to deal again with questions about the sense and meaning of musical experience.

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Vol 13, No 2 (2019): Languages of Politics / Politics of Languages (guest editor: Gianfranco Marrone)

Table of Contents


Di sardine e d’altri linguaggi politici Download PDF
Gianfranco Marrone

Invited articles

Politiques de la sémiotique / The political stances of semiotics Download PDF
Eric Landowski
La rivoluzione del linguaggio social-ista: umori, rumori, sparate e provocazioni / The revolution of social-ist language: moods, noises, shots, provocations Download PDF
Franciscu Sedda, Paolo Demuru


Retorica e utilità in Aristotele / Rhetoric and utility in Aristotle Download PDF
Adriano Bertollini
Between Indefinability and Usage. Towards a philosophical understanding of Populism Download PDF
Maura Ceci
Slurs and the Type-Token Distinction of Their Derogatory Force Download PDF
Chang Liu
Implicitation and power of choice Download PDF
Edoardo Lombardi Vallauri
The Concept of Logoclastic Violence in Carinthia Download PDF
Dejan Makovec
La gente, gli arcobaleni e Salvini. Internet meme, viralità e politica italiana / People, rainbows and Salvini. Internet memes, online virality and Italian politics Download PDF
Gabriele Marino
La crisi del dibattito pubblico nell’Italia contemporanea: il discorso populista / The crisis of public debate in contemporary Italy: the populist discourse Download PDF
Giuseppe Paternostro
Linguaggio e violenza in Hannah Arendt: una prospettiva retorica / Language and violence in Hannah Arendt: a rhetorical perspective Download PDF
Mauro Serra
Il linguaggio della paura: la strategia social mediale di Matteo Salvini / The language of fear: Matteo Salvini's social media strategy Download PDF
Bianca Terracciano


Phénoménologie et concept à partir et à revenir / Phenomenolgy and concepts. Headway and backward Download PDF
Maurizio Candiotto
Gli atti del rifiuto nel teatro di Eduardo De Filippo (studio pragmatico) / Speech acts of refusal in the the theater of Eduardo De Filippo (pragmatic study) Download PDF
Neama Abdelaty Mohamed Ahmed

Book review

M. Merleau-Ponty, 2019, La prosa del mondo, a cura di P. Dalla Vigna, Introduzione di C. Sini, Mimesis, Milano-Udine 2019. Download PDF
Stefano Oliva

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