Il presentismo moderato: precisazioni ontologiche e proposizioni sul futuro / Moderate Presentism: Ontological Details and Propositions about the Future

Francesco Orilia


In the current analytic debate on time presentism has a distinguished position as a theory at least prima facie very much in tune with common sense. It suffers however from a number of difficulties, most notoriously the problem of providing truthmakers for true propositions about the past and the future. Moderate presentism has been proposed in response to this state of affairs: it seeks to meet these difficulties with some concessions to eternalism, while preserving the most important features of presentism. This paper explores the ontology of moderate presentism more than has hitherto been done and explains why it is best seen as a version of presentism, rather than of eternalism. Moreover, the paper also addresses the issue of how propositions about the future should be seen from the point of view of moderate presentism


time; tense; presentism; eternalism; ontology


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