Filosofia del linguaggio 3.0. Considerazioni e prospettive / Philosophy of language 3.0. Considerations and perspectives

  • Antonino Pennisi
Keywords: Philosophy of language, Human Cognitio, Naturalism, Cognitive Science, Embodied Cognition, Darwinian Biolinguistics


In this contribution I propose a critical but constructive consideration about the scientific and cultural perspectives in Philosophy of language. To do this, I present a brief Italian academic history of Philosophy of language, describing the theoretical aspects that characterized the birth and the affirmation of Philosophy of language as an autonomous academic discipline with respect to linguistic analysis, history of linguistic ideas and theoretical philosophy tout court. Finally, I demonstrate how, in recent decades, the theoretical interests of Philosophy of language have oriented to cognitive sciences and in particular to those cognitive sciences that study the mind in an evolutionary and biological perspective, constituting a real epistemological revolution within this field of study and offering food for thought and interdisciplinary ties with other fields of cognitive knowledge. In these interdisciplinary interactions with life sciences lies the future perspective of Philosophy of language which aims to construct an integrated naturalistic science of human cognition.


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