La mano - o le mani- e il linguaggio. Tra Heidegger e Sultano

  • Rita Paonessa


Humans and chimpanzees share about 99%  of genetic material. Moreover, they have two similar hands which are able to do different activities: we will explore the different abilities of the hands of these two species of animals (for chimpanzees, we will start from Köhler’s observations). From this point of view, if we consider the two meat hands, human beings are specific animals having specific abilities. On the other side, there is Heidegger’s Hand (and the critique of Derrida). According to Heidegger, just human beings have the hand. This means that just human beings have the language, the thought and the donation. So, if we consider one hand, Heideggers’s hand, human beings are special and there is a clear limit among them and the other animals. Then, we will linger over the relationship between the two meat hands and the language (co-evolution of language and gestures) and over Heidegger’s hand  and the language
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