La valenza cognitiva della ricerca concettuale di Wittgenstein sulle emozioni

  • Moira De Iaco
Keywords: Conceptual Investigation, Wittgenstein, Language and Emotions, Cognitive Sciences


Starting from an examination of Wittgenstein’s conceptual investigation on emotions, this paper aims to highlight the intertwining between emotions and language: no matter how emotions take form in language and they are super-structured by it, language is not able to reduce emotions within the conceptual space since emotions transcend language influencing and expanding it. The goal becomes to answer questions such as: what can Wittgenstein’s conceptual investigations on emotions show to cognitive studies? Does it include elements that anticipate cognitive studies’ outcomes?


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De Iaco, M. (2020) “La valenza cognitiva della ricerca concettuale di Wittgenstein sulle emozioni”, Rivista Italiana di Filosofia del Linguaggio. doi: 10.4396/SFL2019ES11.
Emotions, language, education