Senso e significato. Alcune riflessioni tra linguistica e filosofia del linguaggio nella tradizione saussuriana

  • Mariacristina Falco


The paper proposes some considerations about meaning and sense starting from Ferdinand de Saussure’s Cours de linguistique générale. Notions as langue, parole, time, community of speaker, signified, signifier and signification, have been very important for linguistics and philosophy of language, and for all those linguists interested in subjectivity and intersubjectivity. The article considers some of Tullio De Mauro’s studies on sense and meaning (1965, 1971, 1994), together with those of Mario Lucidi (1950) and Antonino Pagliaro (1969) about signs and language. This paper aims to be a reflection about semantic aspects of communication, also considering the historical determination that marks man’s life in language and in society. Sense and meaning are presented as reasons of discussion among different disciplines as philosophy of language and linguistics. They offer to researchers many possibilities to consider theoretical and metalinguistical problems


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