Vol 10, No 2 (2016)

Metaphor in Language and Argumentation (guest editors: F. Ervas & E. Gola)

Table of Contents


Arguing by metaphors DOWNLOAD PDF
Francesca Ervas, Elisabetta Gola


Towards ‘Weight’ as a Rhetorical Concept DOWNLOAD PDF
Curtis K.J. Hyra
Metaphor: the good argument in science communication DOWNLOAD PDF
Giulia Frezza
Metaphors for patient education. A pragmatic-argumentative approach applying to the case of diabetes care DOWNLOAD PDF
Maria Grazia Rossi
A metaphorical history of DNA patents DOWNLOAD PDF
Ivo Silvestro
Argomentazione metaforica in un corpus di assemblee politiche/Metaphorical argumentation in a political assemblies corpus DOWNLOAD PDF
Gabriele Tosato
Analyzing metaphor in argumentative discourse DOWNLOAD PDF
Jean Wagemans

Book review

Marina De Palo, 2016, Saussure e gli strutturalismi. Il soggetto parlante nel pensiero linguistico del Novecento, Roma, Carocci. DOWNLOAD PDF
Emanuele Fadda
Whitney Davis, 2011, A General Theory of Visual Culture, Princeton University Press, Princeton-Oxford, pp. 384. DOWNLOAD PDF
Annalisa Laganà

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